Sources for equipment

This is a great store for used equipment, check them out on eBay or better still if you’re in Manchester (UK) pop in and have a look at the mountain of interesting gear they have. They’re super helpful, friendly and knowledgable. I’ve bought some pristine kit from them over the years and have always been super satisfied with the gear and price. If you’re on a budget they also have lots of equipment that’s less pretty but more importantly cheap! A great place to go if you’re just getting started in photography, especially if you’re new to film and want good advise and gear. One final point, a mark of a good company is how they treat you when something goes wrong, I’ve only ever had one problem with a piece of kit from here, which can be expected now and then with used equipment, but they were very reassuring and, true to their word, fixed the problem right way.
I use Calumet for most of my new camera, studio and lighting equipment, the staff are always very helpful and knowledgable. Look out for their regular deals especially on their own branded kit as it’s generally good quality at a reasonable price. Another good point is if you, on the very rare occasion, have any problems they bend over backwards to helps resolve the issue.
They sell everything but I get most of my film, chemicals and processing gear from here along with lots of ancillary bits like batteries, chargers and general darkroom bits. My only little gripe is they add a delivery charge on all orders, most companies now offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount.
The obvious I know but I buy a lot of older film gear from eBay as well as some good used studio equipment. My advise is only buy from sellers that have 100% feedback over at least a year and have sold a good number of items. Make sure they show lots of good quality pictures of the item they’re selling and give a good description. If you’re unsure about a seller in any way, move on.

A great Black and White fine art photography magazine for digital devices.

Black + White Photography Magazine
This is a great magazine that I subscribe to, click on the link below to subscribe.