Rodrigo Constanzo

Rodrigo Constanzo makes music and art, originally from Miami he’s now based here in sunny Manchester.

Here’s my first tentative steps shooting 10×8 film, who said bigger isn’t better? The results just blew me away, it just gives that fleshy quality that screams life. It really is a step closer to what I’m looking for in a subject.

This was shot on Ilford Delta 100 and developed in Kodak Xtol for 8mins.

Rodrigo Constanzo2017-11-21T17:53:48+00:00

Kathryn 2

This was shot on the Canon 135mm f2, it’s an amazing lens. I use it for film and digital and it always produces stunning results. This was shot with the Canon 5d111 but unusually I’ve just uploaded the jpg with minor tonal adjustments using Photoshop express on the iPad so I hope it looks ok when I get back to the Mac!

Kathryn 22017-11-21T18:34:08+00:00


Large format 5 x 4 – Fuji FP100c instant film

Testing the framing on my lovely new 5 x 4 with Fuji FP100c instant film.

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